Podcast: How to Start a Social Enterprise Side Hustle, With Sue Norton

Distinctive Women Magazine Feature
November 2, 2016

EP82 How to Start a Social Enterprise Side Hustle with Sue Norton

On the Fierce Feminine Leadership podcast, we discuss ways to empower yourself in your role as an independent woman in business and in your personal life. The question is, how do you find fulfillment in the world of business?

Sue Norton is CEO and Director of Operations of a web-based marketplace called Pink Tiger Inc. where shoppers can choose exciting new looks from an array Canadian fashion designers. She is also a successful business owner, the co-owner of Alcea Technologies Inc., active with various cancer organizations, and has a blue belt in the martial art of Krav Maga.

Today, Sue tells us where she began her journey and how she got to this point in her career. She also shares some insights and tips about the nature of becoming a fierce feminine leader in two polarizing business worlds.

Own your inner bad ass – Sue Norton

Here’s a Breakdown of the Show: 

  • Sue talks about how she spreads her time between all her ventures.
  • She discusses her biggest success factors, and strategies to become a powerful fierce woman leader.
  • What she considers her biggest challenge as a woman leader in social enterprise and business.
  • Her advice to women who want to explore raising the bar in their career path and how to give back to the community.
  • She gives valuable advice to women so they can create their own success.

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